Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 10-1)
000 Course Instructions
Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 10-1)
No matter where you are in the menu, you can always return to YOUR COURSES by clicking on HOME or the STEP FORWARD logo at the top of the page. Start navigating the STEP Forward Life Institute MENU, by choosing CERTIFICATION TITLES beneath the...
RE-CERTIFICATION in CARE-Readiness (Certified Coaches)
RE-CERTIFICATION in CARE-Readiness (Certified Coaches)
The CARE-Ready Life Coach Program, is a certification administered by United Graduate College Seminary International, the Fruitful Life Learning Community and C & C Connections, LLC. It is accredited by the United Association of Christian...
Becoming Care-Ready™ (LC 10-1a)
Coaching Prerequsite
Becoming Care-Ready™ (LC 10-1a)
Embrace the foundational principles that enable you to Listen, Lift and Launch others into new realms of possibilities for their lives. *Certificate of Completion: This course is recommended as a prerequisite for the CARE-Ready Coach...
Care-Readiness™ in Evangelism and Discipleship (LC 10-1b)
Coaching Prerequsite
Care-Readiness™ in Evangelism and Discipleship (LC 10-1b)
Equipping You for Meaningful and Successful People Connections This course sets the foundation for the Listen, Lift, Launch approach to evangelism and discipleship in the local church. This hope and faith-based training empowers its...
Healing for Hearts and Homes (LC 10-1c)
Coaching Prerequsite
Healing for Hearts and Homes (LC 10-1c)
This hope and faith-based training provides insight into what people around us are going through everyday. This course is not intended to imply that the faciliators are approaching these topics from any clinical or professional counseling...
Listen, Lift, Launch: Care-Ready Life Coach™ Training and Certification (LC 90-2vod)
Listen, Lift, Launch: Care-Ready Life Coach™ Training and Certification (LC 90-2vod)
Welcome to Care-Ready Life Coach™ Training and Certification This course involves instruction, coursework assignments, discussion videos, and a final project that will: Equip you with the foundations of life coaching and...
Flowing in All Seasons (LE 10-1)
Life Education
Flowing in All Seasons (LE 10-1)
Many people struggle when it comes to understanding seasons, but the reality is that it is not always spring and summer time. We have been through seasons of autumn, when the leaves were falling and then there were seasons of winter, when...
Beyond the Resume (LE 10-3)
Life Education
Beyond the Resume (LE 10-3)
Certified professional life coach, Chris Green, offers job seekers important keys to help them see their value even through the tough challenges of unemployment, job rejections, and high-pressure interviews. *Ministry Certificate of...
Kingdom Practices and Principles (STEP 10-1)
Biblical Foundations
Kingdom Practices and Principles (STEP 10-1)
Professors Chris and Carol Green present sound Biblical foundational teaching in simple, relevant language to help people of faith learn and grow in their understanding of God. Several lessons are designed to unravel poor and distorted doctrines...
Five Habits of Victorious People of Faith (STEP 10-2)
Biblical Foundations
Five Habits of Victorious People of Faith (STEP 10-2)
Life Educator, Chris Green helps students identify and embrace five habits of productive people of Faith. They have 1.) a word filled life, 2.) a posture of praise and worship, 3.) a lifestyle of prayer and fasting, 4.) a heart of...

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