Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 10-1)
000 Course Instructions
Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 10-1)
No matter where you are in the menu, you can always return to YOUR COURSES by clicking on HOME or the STEP FORWARD logo at the top of the page. Start navigating the STEP Forward Life Institute MENU, by choosing CERTIFICATION TITLES beneath the...
Rise to the Challenge (STEP 20-1)
Servant Leadership
Rise to the Challenge (STEP 20-1)
This course provides a solid understanding of what it means to Rise to the inner challenges that come with leadership. Professors Chris and Carol Green provide a foundation from the Bible to help leaders navigate the opposition and confusion of...
Passion for Prayer (STEP 20-2)
Servant Leadership
Passion for Prayer (STEP 20-2)
This 7-video series provides practical teaching and instruction about the prayer life of people of faith, so they can establish or strengthen their communion with God. *Ministry Certificate of Completion: Professors Chris and Carol Green...
Personal Pursuit of God and His Purpose (STEP 20-3)
Servant Leadership
Personal Pursuit of God and His Purpose (STEP 20-3)
In this 5-video series, Profs. Chris and Carol Green bring encouragement and a new perspective that helps their students face and overcome disappointment, discouragement and opposition. *Ministry Certificate of Completion: Professors Chris and...
Graduation: Kingdom Foundations Certificate (STEP 20-99)
Servant Leadership
Graduation: Kingdom Foundations Certificate (STEP 20-99)
This is where students who have completed all of the courses for the KINGDOM FOUNDATIONS Certification, can access and print out their official certificate.

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