Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 101)
000 Course Instructions
Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 101)
To start navigating the STEP Forward Life Prospective MENU, always begin by choosing your CERTIFICATION TITLES beneath the BUNDLES Section (See Course Catalog). Checking/Highlighting a Certification Bundle will display all required courses to...
CARE-Ready Coaching Certification Video Course (ILLCCP 102)
Life Coaching
CARE-Ready Coaching Certification Video Course (ILLCCP 102)
Welcome to the Care-Readiness Certificate Programâ„¢ This course involves 15-hours of instruction, homework assignments, group discussions, and a final project that will: Equip you with the foundations of coaching and mentoring Provide...
Becoming a CARE-Ready Responder (LC - 101)
Life Coaching
Becoming a CARE-Ready Responder (LC - 101)
Equipping You for Meaningful and Successful People Connections Professors Chris and Carol Green set the foundation for the Listen, Lift, Launch approach to mentoring and coaching. This hope and faith-based training dispels the myths, fears,...
Success in Process (STEP 105)
Leadership Empowerment
Success in Process (STEP 105)
STEP Forward founders, Professors Chris and Carol Green provide Faith-evidenced instruction from their weekly Zoom Coaching and Mentoring sessions for leaders in business, community outreach, education, human services, support organizations,...
Graduation: Certificate of CARE Coaching (STEP 499)
Life Coaching
Graduation: Certificate of CARE Coaching (STEP 499)
This is where students who have completed all of the courses for this STEP Certification can access and print out their official certificate.

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