Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 101)
000 Course Instructions
Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 101)
To start navigating the STEP Forward Life Prospective MENU, always begin by choosing your CERTIFICATION TITLES beneath the BUNDLES Section (See Course Catalog). Checking/Highlighting a Certification Bundle will display all required courses to...
Care-Readiness™ in Evangelism and Discipleship (LC - 101b)
Life Education
Care-Readiness™ in Evangelism and Discipleship (LC - 101b)
Equipping You for Meaningful and Successful People Connections Professors Chris and Carol Green set the foundation for the Listen, Lift, Launch approach to evangelism and discipleship in the local church. This hope and faith-based training...
Kingdom Leadership (LC 108)
Leadership Empowerment
Kingdom Leadership (LC 108)
Professors Chris and Carol Green present sound Biblical foundational teaching sessions on Leadership in your community; featuring Guest Instructors Frank King, and Dr. Raphael Green. ***Earn a ministry certificate of completion as you walk...
Certifiable Interpretations (Biblical Foundations) (STEP 100-1)
Biblical Foundations
Certifiable Interpretations (Biblical Foundations) (STEP 100-1)
Dr. Raphael Green explains the importance of accurately understanding and interpreting scripture in this modern age of conflict, misinformation, and debilitating ignorance of God and the Bible.
Success in Process (Entire Course) (STEP 105)
Leadership Empowerment
Success in Process (Entire Course) (STEP 105)
We’re also not talking about the raw pursuit of wealth, notoriety or fame because that’s often what comes to mind when people hear “Success!” ‘Success in Process’ is the lifelong manifestation, revelation and uncovering of God’s...
Graduation: Certificate in Innovative Ministry and Leadership (STEP 499)
Life Education
Graduation: Certificate in Innovative Ministry and Leadership (STEP 499)
This is where students who have completed all of the courses for this STEP Certification can access and print out their official certificate.

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