Coaching Prerequsite

Healing for Hearts and Homes (LC 10-1c)

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This hope and faith-based training provides insight into what people around us are going through everyday.
This course is not intended to imply that the facilitators are approaching these topics from any clinical or professional counseling expertise, but from a Biblical perspective of human relationships.‚Äč

  • Course Setup and Facilitator Profile
  • Welcome and Course Completion Requirements sample
  • Facilitators' Profile sample
  • Course Material and Recommended Reading
  • Welcome to Marketplace Ministry
  • Damaged Goods (Part 1)
  • Damaged Goods (Part 2)
  • Refection and Response to Damaged Goods
  • Soul Care (Part 1)
  • Soul Care (Part 2)
  • Refection and Response to Soul Care
  • Cultural and Core Value Differences (Part 1)
  • Cultural and Core Value Differences (Part 2)
  • Refection and Response to Cultural and Core Value Differences
  • Brotherly Kidness and Love
  • Refection and Response to Brotherly Kindness and Love
  • Connecting With Your Community
  • Refection and Response to Connecting with Your Community
  • Next Steps
  • Code of Ethics
  • Agreement Form
  • Course Completed
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever