Life Coaching

Becoming a CARE-Ready Responder (LC - 101)

Equipping You for Meaningful and Successful People Connections
Professors Chris and Carol Green set the foundation for the Listen, Lift, Launch approach to mentoring and coaching. This hope and faith-based training dispels the myths, fears, mystery, anxiety and apprehension often associated with one's desire to work with people outside of one's own comfort zone, background, ethnicity and culture. This training can transform an organization's staff and volunteers into confident, compassionate and creative Community CARE-Ready Responders, and give each of them a foundation for eventually becoming a certified life coach.​​

This 7-video course was created as a direct answer to the challenge of religious organizations, community groups, human service agencies, businesses, and well-meaning individuals who found themselves unable to make long-lasting, consistent or significant impact within underserved and diverse communities and neighborhoods.

This course is recommended as a prerequisite for the CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification program.

*Ministry Certificate of Completion: Professors Chris and Carol Green provide Faith-based instruction from their weekly Leadership Coaching and Mentoring session; teaching the Biblical, foundational principles that equip and empower its participants to become CARE-Ready Responders in their homes and communities.

  • Course Setup and Facilitator Profile
  • System and Course Completion Requirements sample
  • Program Facilitator Profiles sample
  • Becoming a CARE-Ready Responder
  • Download Course Material
  • Watch Video Course (Damaged Goods)
  • Watch Video Course - Equipping Leaders: Soul Care (Part 1)
  • Watch Video Course - Equipping Leaders: Soul Care (Part 2)
  • Watch Video Course - Understanding the Struggle of Grief
  • Watch Video Course - Understanding the Struggle with Depression
  • Watch Video Course - Profile of a Healthy Responder
  • Building Blocks of Home Church Gatherings
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever