Marriage Enrichment & Resiliency (STEP 50-1)
Life Education
Marriage Enrichment & Resiliency (STEP 50-1)
Chris and Carol Green, present the nuggets of wisdom that have enriched and energized their marriage for more than 40 years. This 10-part online marriage mentoring session is designed to help you connect with your mate's heart as it brings...
God's Design and Plan for Humanity (STEP 50-2)
Life Education
God's Design and Plan for Humanity (STEP 50-2)
Professors Chris and Carol Green provide the Godly, Biblical perspective of human beings (males and females), their roles, relationships and reasons for living out the image of God in a society that is vehemently and violently opposed to natural...
Graduation: Biblical Marriage and Family Life Certificate (STEP 50-99)
Graduation: Biblical Marriage and Family Life Certificate (STEP 50-99)
This is where students who have completed all of the courses for the BIBLICAL MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE Certification, can access and print out their official certificate.

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