000 Course Instructions

Accessing and Navigating the Online Courses (AC 10-1)

BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR ANY COURSE - always check for scholarships and discounts at https://www.fruitfullifelearningcommunity.org/scholarships-discounts

No matter where you are in the menu, you can always return to YOUR COURSES by clicking on HOME or the STEP FORWARD logo at the top of the page.

Start navigating the STEP Forward Life Institute MENU, by choosing CERTIFICATION TITLES beneath the BUNDLES Section (See Course Catalog).

Checking/Highlighting a Certification Bundle will display all required courses to complete that certification.

To purchase that Bundle (Certification Group) click on blue button that reads: "Get all for $$$$"

Locate and Choose individual courses by clicking on CATEGORIES.

If the phrase "Part of 1 Bundle" appears beneath a course, we recommend that you click on that phrase to see what group the course is part of, because purchasing that course as part of a bundle provides considerable discounts.

  • The Basic Function of the Online Learning System
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed