I always felt that the best thing I could ever give to my children was a father who loved their mother. And that's all I have to offer the world today; an African American father who loves his wife and family.

In a personal and strategic response to the generational challenge of father-absent and broken homes, certified master life coach and life educator, Chris Green, writes to his sons from the front lines of the battle to restore honor to the role of husband and father.

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Like millions of couples before them, Chris and Carol Green stood in front of family and friends, and recited the wedding vows. However, six months later, they were struggling like strangers from different cultures who didn't share the same language. So they sat down together and made a PACT. They didn't know that their promise and agreement would carry them for more than 40 years.

Now they share the three precepts that preserved, sustained and elevated their relationship.Prepare your heart and mind for life-principle coaching and guidance because this was written to help the individuals and couples who sincerely desire to build a legacy of love, in spite of family histories riddled with desertions, divorce and disappointment. Through their raw stories, memories, reflections and anecdotes, you will relive their journey, gleaning answers, wisdom and understanding for your own marriage and family relationships.

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