Program Facilitators' Profile

Christopher and Carol Green, BCMMHC, CMLC, DSe, Hon.Causa 


Chris and Carol Green are Board-certified master mental health coaches (BCMMHC) with emphasis on Marriage and Family (Carol) and Crisis Response and Trauma Care (Chris); certified master life coach trainers (CMLC), holistic wellness promoters, human value advocates, and marriage, family and ministry mentors. They have been educated, trained and certified in Christian Leadership, Lay-Counseling, Chaplaincy (Chris), and Business Administration (Chris).

They carry decades of personal and professional experience and for their many accomplishments, they have received numerous awards and acknowledgements, highlighted by each being conferred a life-achievement, competency-based ministry doctorate (DSe), and two honorary doctorates (Hon.Causa). 

However, they see themselves simply as community servants.

These former bi-vocational pastors have been international leadership advisors/ consultants/ professors/ and humanitarian statesmen; as well as songwriters, poets, authors, contributing authors (in an international best-seller), and ordained, licensed and commissioned ministers for more than 30 years.

Inspired to demonstrate servant-leadership by example, they stepped outside of traditional religious settings and facilities to directly connect with their community. Now, from a priceless wealth of experience, wisdom and insight, they have encouraged, empowered and educated other servant leaders in business, community outreach, government, education, human services, households, neighborhoods, churches and ministries on building capacity for CARE-Readiness, mental health awareness and advocacy, and spiritual wellness access and opportunities.


Their cooperation of international and local partnerships has been essential to their work with the professionals and volunteers who labor in diverse and under-served populations and communities, and all who are seeking to inspire a higher quality of life and greater purpose for living.

Honors, Awards, Achievements and Acknowledgements 

·        Founders and Lead Instructors of the STEP Forward Life Institute

·        Founders and Spiritual Wellness Support Group Facilitators of the Fruitful Life Learning Community

·        Business Owners, Consultants and Life Coach Trainers of C and C Connections, LLC

·        Creators of the CARE-Ready Life Coaching® model: CARE-Readiness/ Training/ Certification 

·        Certified Chaplain Assistant (Chris)

·         Board Certified Mental Health Coaches (International Board of Christian Care)

·         Presidential Membership with the American Association of Christian Counselors

·         Global Senior Advisors and Searcher Professors (UGCSI)

·         Certified Master Life Coaches (UGCSI)

·        Life Achievement Doctorates: Searcherdemics (2022)

·        ICN World Civility Icons: 2022 Global Educators of the Year (I Change Nations™)

·        Productive Business Civility Award for Global Civility Business Leadership (2021)

·        Inducted as Icons of Greatness in the 2021 World Book of Greatness (London, UK)

·        Honorary Doctorates: Society and Human Rights (2018)

·        International Humanitarian Statesmanship (ICN™, 2017)

·        United Way Volunteer of the Year Nominations (2017)

·        Honorary Doctorates: Christian Leadership and Humanities (2016)

·        Goodwill Ambassadors of World Peace and Civility (ICN™)

·        Ordained Ministers and Affiliate Members of the Urban Pastors and Leaders Alliance

·        Founders Award (Metro Christian Worship Center, St. Louis, MO, USA)

·        Producer of the Year (Chris) - DHTV: 1999 Best Religious Cable Television Broadcast (St. Louis, MO, USA)

·        Outstanding Leadership Award (Metro Christian Worship Center, St. Louis, MO, USA)

·         Authors of 20 Books, 3 Training manuals, and over 50 online course curricula

·        Contributing authors in an International Best-Seller

·        Writers and publishers of over 150 songs since the 1990's

Chris and Carol's travels have taken them from coast to coast within the United States, to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Trinidad, the United Kingdom, and West Africa.


The Greens have been faithfully married over 40 years, and have three adult sons, two daughters-in-love, two grandchildren, and a host of people throughout the world who call them 'mom and dad'.

They are a husband-wife team with one business, one school, and one mission: Renovations in Hearts and Homes. Therefore, they are not aligned with any political party, religious dogma, or 'bandwagon' social movements.  They have been front-line participants within an international, under-the-radar phenomenon in which people of faith have been moving, by the thousands, outside of their traditions and buildings, to take healing and hope to their personal and professional communities.