Welcome to your Success Through Experience and Process (STEP) Forward Institute Master Class Series! 

We are dedicated to your success and want to insure that you are prepared in every way for this online learning experience.

However, please know that since this is a distance-learning course, we are not in control of your internet service. Matters of bandwidth, internet speed and power outages are issues that are managed by your local internet service. We will do all that we can to make sure that our videos and courses are up and available for you 24/7.

In order to successfully navigate and complete this course, there are some hardware and system requirements that will be necessary for you to meet: 

  • This course may not work well with some devices or phones.
  • You must be able to open, download and print PDF files and Word Documents.
  • You must be able to view Vimeo or YouTube video files.

Some documents, pages, examples and page numbers are not precisely the same as what is reviewed in the videos, but overall the material is the same and still relevant to your learning experience.

(Always feel free to pause the videos to take notes, take a break or gather your thoughts.)

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You will be able to print your Certificate at the completion of the course.

All the best to you!

Professors Chris and Carol Green, 

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