Leadership Empowerment

Success in Process (STEP 105)

STEP Forward founders, Professors Chris and Carol Green provide Faith-evidenced instruction from their weekly Zoom Coaching and Mentoring sessions for leaders in business, community outreach, education, human services, support organizations, local churches or ministries. This series of videos provides insight and wisdom for your process and path, giving you an opportunity to assess how you are hitting the key markers and indicators of Success in Your Process.

Let's explore what it means to be Success in Process. We are not talking about positive thinking, mind over matter, higher consciousness or the raw pursuit of wealth, notoriety and fame. We’re talking about the lifelong manifestation, revelation and uncovering of God’s answer, solution and message that is coming through your life.

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  • Course Setup and Facilitator Profile
  • System and Course Completion Requirements sample
  • Facilitator Profiles sample
  • Course Material
  • Prayer and Preparation
  • Success Begins with Creator God
  • Reflection Presentation (Success begins with Creator God)
  • The Success of God’s Power
  • Reflection Presentation (The Success of God's Power)
  • Discernment (Part 1)
  • Discernment (Part 2)
  • Reflection Presentation (Discernment)
  • Direction
  • Reflection Presentation (Direction)
  • Discipline
  • Reflection Presentation (Discipline)
  • Diligence and Determination
  • Reflection Presentation (Diligence and Determination)
  • Devotion, Documentation and Duplication
  • Reflection Presentation (Devotion, Documentation and Duplication)
  • Connecting with Your Community
  • Next Steps
  • Agreement Form
  • Course Completed
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever